Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fun Physics iOS Games

This is really fun games to play with. You have to think how to construct your structure to win the goals. Even though the game name is Simple Physics but it really make me crazy to think where to balance the Newton. If you think you are good enough. I challenge you to try this game. Below are some screenshot of my game play.

SIMPLEPHYSICS is a fascinating app in which players design structures and then test the structures either manually by "pulling" on various areas, or by running a certification test.

In addition, the challenge must be done within a certain budget. While some aspects of the app are nicely done, with only four levels (and a tutorial) there aren't a lot of choices.

The ability to switch between a stress-color view and a "physical" view is nice. However, sometimes the physics appear to be off, as when a symmetrical roof design shows more stress on one side than the other.

Also, without any tips or hints on designing trusses, some of the levels can be overly challenging.


I was stacked at the truck crane. It's time for YouTube.

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