Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Few Things People Should Know About the iPad

The Apple iPad has been launched with a lot of publicity and when it comes to it, it really has some good features to boast with. After refreshing the iPhone, Apple has taken the challenge of also renewing their iPad and so it came out that the latest iPad (available for $499 for the 16 GB model and $829 dollars for the 64 GB model) was the proud and successful successor of the original tablet that made such an impact in the gadget world.

As such, the new tablet was slimmer than the original, it was lighter when it comes to weight and on top of that, had some very nice curves that made it much more appealing. On top of that, there were also new features added like the FaceTime cameras, the gyroscope and the speed bumped chips. And for the first time, people will be let in on more options than ever before, like 3 different wireless versions and 2 different colors for the same 3 initial storage capacities. Yet when it comes to other features, they were left untouched or changed so little that the changes are not noticeable.


The new iPad is an iterative improvement over the 1st generation tablet. It is available in 2 color options, it has a reduced weight and under its hood, there is a lot of power for some of the most demanding applications today. Even though given the size of the iPad, it still manages to pack in brute force and paired by powerful integrated apps for video, photo playback, audio internet browsing, mapping and more, it's one of the few tablets on the market that offers the most bang for the buck.

Currently there are also more than 75,000 apps that take advantage of dual core processing which can only be good news for the iPad owners. The battery life is still almost the same, with the only difference that now people will also get between twenty and sixty minutes more battery life in certain situations.

The video output capabilities have also been improved and now there is a 1080p maximum output supported (when used with VGA & HDMI accessories) and also screen mirroring.


The cameras the Apple iPad was fitted with are not that good and the images produced will be very poor, especially when they will be forced to full screen. This makes still photography a very bad experience. Even though video can be filmed in 720p quality, the end result is only deemed to be acceptable at the most. There have also been downgrades noticed in what regards the microphone and the audio performance. Last but not least, HD videos are cropped to fit the 4:3 aspect ratio and people will also not be able to run Retina Display apps at full resolution.

Regardless of these issues, the Apple iPad is still a good choice and it offers plenty of performance for the dollar people pay for it. It's faster, more reliable, more optimized and ready to rumble in everything they will put it up to!

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