Wednesday, January 30, 2013

History of the Mobile Phone That We Should Know

Think back to a time when no one had a cell or mobile phone. Cannot even bear to imagine this? Well, you are not alone. Most individuals now carry a cell or phone with them throughout their day. There is virtually a plan or cell phone for everyone, from those who can only afford cell or mobile phones with limited minutes to those who carry today's smartphones that can do just about anything. However, not too many of us really know where the modern phone got its start.

 The Early History

Some older adults probably remember the first mobile phones that they saw in action. These phones were larger models and were in luxury automobiles. These phones were seen in television shows, such as the Knight Rider, and in some company president's cars. The first telephone call placed from a phone was indeed from one in a car. This occurred in the 1940's. However, work on the phone actually began much earlier in the 1930's. This was a time of great trials and tribulations, with the Depression and the Second World War. During this time, many individuals did not even have a phone in their own home.

In the 1930's people could place a call to an individual who was on a cruise ship although that was extremely expensive. Researchers were highly interested in developing a means to communicate through a handheld device. The first handheld was very heavy, weighing in at almost three pounds and was too bulky to hold in one's hands. The term phone can also be in reference to the early beginnings of a cordless phone. The cordless phone enabled individuals to walk around their homes and engage in conversations while doing other things at the same time. No longer were we tied to a phone cord for the duration of our calls.

Today's Phones

Mobile phones today have gotten smaller and smaller with many researchers working on models that can fit in the stem of a pair of glasses. No one could really fathom how much this mobile device could affect our lives. People can reach their loved ones in a second, tuning into events in real time. There is a lot of competition between the major mobile phone companies, to bring bigger and better services to their customers. Many of them run specials on a frequent basis while attempting to draw in customers from their competitors.
What the future holds for mobile phones is anybody's guess. There is sure to be a whole host of enhancements available to the average phone owner. One important lesson already learned is that you cannot make a screen too small. Major phone companies have realized the need for people to be able to view a bigger screen while keeping the phone on the lighter side. No one wants to carry around a phone that is too heavy. One thing is really certain, most of us welcome that fact that we can be reached at all hours of the day and night.

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