Sunday, January 27, 2013

Find and remove duplicate files on your PC - Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

After a while the memory plays tricks on you - have I seen that file I downloaded somewhere before? Where was the other copy? Is this the same file as the other, but with a different name?

There are many duplicate file finder utilities on the market, however there is a free one that seems to do the job well.

It uses MD5 hash checks to ensure the contents of the file is identical when comparing two files of the same size. This gives you a big sense of confidence that the file contents are actually identical so you can choose if you want to to delete one.

Beware of deleting files that are identical but required for correct system operation.

Most useful for duplicate video or music files found in various folders across multiple drives.

Program is free and there are regular updates to add functionality. No addon-ware, spyware, advertising or malware is bundled. Runs on Windows XP and up.

Robust, works well, and does what you need.

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