Thursday, February 14, 2013

Shadowgun-Deadzone Amazing FPS Online Game

Would you play games by Madfingers Games? I would say exactly Yes! They have developed the exactly games for mobile game user this recent years. Back to 2 years the Samurai Vengeance really has caught my attention. And this time they brought us the ShadowGun : Deadzone that you can play online with user around the world. The game has most gorgeous graphic I've seen in iPhone and iPad.


I give the gameplay value of 4 and not 5 because even though this game is solid in all sectors but only 2 game modes and there are quite mind blowing and innovative.

This game plays at device at least 512 Mb of RAM. You can choose to play the death match mode or zone control mode. This is must play game.

However SHADOWGUN: DEADZONE is worthy of the best free SMT game of the year!

You can get Shadowgun : Deadzone for free at AppStore or Google Play.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Samsung Future Smartphones With Youm Flexible Display Technology at CES

Samsung will create new entire line devices based on their popular flexible OLED called Youm. Youm is technology with high resolution display and extremely thin as plastic. Instead of glass and it wont break.

Phone-sized device that opens up like a book, revealing a tablet-sized screen inside. Samsung Youm really began to change how people interact with their devices. 

The flexible screen technology allowed them to create the whole new ecosystem devices that can fold-able, bend-able and roll-able screen.

It will opening up new lifestyle possibility and it's only going to get better with Samsung.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dock4Droid Apps Dock For Android

Dock4Droid is Android application where you can put your application or shortcuts on your screen dock. It has really beautiful and smooth animation that will catches your eyes. You just need to slide your finger to select the application from your list. So, you don't need to tickling your smartphone screen anymore to searching for your favorite application. Dock4Droid can be positioned in case you're left handed person. Below some screen shot of the application.

Contact at the dock for speed dial. Put up to 30 shortcuts, application or contact on your dock.

 It can be arrange at the left, right or bottom.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Android Going With Nvidia Project SHIELD Tegra 4

Graphics hardware company Nvidia has announce their gaming device project Nvidia Project SHIELD at the CES 2013. The gaming console powered by their latest mobile gaming GPU Nvidia Tegra 4. This handheld console running Android and is capable of streaming games from PC. It's can do everything Android can do because it's running on Jelly Beans.
 It's has MicroSD, HDMI port, MicroUSB and also headphone jack.

The controller comparable with PlayStation 3 or XBox 360. The comfortable grip, the rich graphics, the versatility, and the power make for sweet gadget we can't wait to play with more.

PC Gaming might go mainstream through Steam's Digital Distribution Gaming Platform. How will Nvidia try to ride this potential tidal wave?

Check out this hands-on video.

Fun Physics iOS Games

This is really fun games to play with. You have to think how to construct your structure to win the goals. Even though the game name is Simple Physics but it really make me crazy to think where to balance the Newton. If you think you are good enough. I challenge you to try this game. Below are some screenshot of my game play.

SIMPLEPHYSICS is a fascinating app in which players design structures and then test the structures either manually by "pulling" on various areas, or by running a certification test.

In addition, the challenge must be done within a certain budget. While some aspects of the app are nicely done, with only four levels (and a tutorial) there aren't a lot of choices.

The ability to switch between a stress-color view and a "physical" view is nice. However, sometimes the physics appear to be off, as when a symmetrical roof design shows more stress on one side than the other.

Also, without any tips or hints on designing trusses, some of the levels can be overly challenging.


I was stacked at the truck crane. It's time for YouTube.

Free Amazing FPS Game For Android and iOS

Dead Trigger is a free FPS (First Person Shooter) games that develop by Madfingers Games. The games offer great 3D graphics shooting and killing zombies after modern civilization has collapsed. The graphics on Dead Trigger are arguably the best we have ever seen on a mobile device. Get Dead Trigger for free at Google Play store or Apple Apps Store. Below are the screenshot and video of game play on Tegra 3 devices. Enjoy play the game!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

History of the Mobile Phone That We Should Know

Think back to a time when no one had a cell or mobile phone. Cannot even bear to imagine this? Well, you are not alone. Most individuals now carry a cell or phone with them throughout their day. There is virtually a plan or cell phone for everyone, from those who can only afford cell or mobile phones with limited minutes to those who carry today's smartphones that can do just about anything. However, not too many of us really know where the modern phone got its start.

 The Early History

Some older adults probably remember the first mobile phones that they saw in action. These phones were larger models and were in luxury automobiles. These phones were seen in television shows, such as the Knight Rider, and in some company president's cars. The first telephone call placed from a phone was indeed from one in a car. This occurred in the 1940's. However, work on the phone actually began much earlier in the 1930's. This was a time of great trials and tribulations, with the Depression and the Second World War. During this time, many individuals did not even have a phone in their own home.

In the 1930's people could place a call to an individual who was on a cruise ship although that was extremely expensive. Researchers were highly interested in developing a means to communicate through a handheld device. The first handheld was very heavy, weighing in at almost three pounds and was too bulky to hold in one's hands. The term phone can also be in reference to the early beginnings of a cordless phone. The cordless phone enabled individuals to walk around their homes and engage in conversations while doing other things at the same time. No longer were we tied to a phone cord for the duration of our calls.

Today's Phones

Mobile phones today have gotten smaller and smaller with many researchers working on models that can fit in the stem of a pair of glasses. No one could really fathom how much this mobile device could affect our lives. People can reach their loved ones in a second, tuning into events in real time. There is a lot of competition between the major mobile phone companies, to bring bigger and better services to their customers. Many of them run specials on a frequent basis while attempting to draw in customers from their competitors.
What the future holds for mobile phones is anybody's guess. There is sure to be a whole host of enhancements available to the average phone owner. One important lesson already learned is that you cannot make a screen too small. Major phone companies have realized the need for people to be able to view a bigger screen while keeping the phone on the lighter side. No one wants to carry around a phone that is too heavy. One thing is really certain, most of us welcome that fact that we can be reached at all hours of the day and night.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Get Free iOS Apps Every Day With Apps Gone Free

This is free app for iOS developed by This application will list the application that should be paid will be given on that day for FREE. Every day it will notifies you the best selection of the apps in Apps Store every day. The app lists about 5-10 apps every day worth picking up, so think of it as a daily discount bundle for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. The app also show rating on the listed app and even paid apps with thousand of rating could be yours.


And also this app feature that called "App Bump" for user to vote the apps that user think it's should be free. If you're looking for great apps go and try this.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Registry Fix Will Boost Your Computer Performance

Actually computer can maintain its performance just like after you buy it.When your computer performance is not like the first time you use it, it must have some problem. And one of the main problem that a lot people don't know is about registry. It's because it was hidden and you cant see it from the start menu or your desktop. With a right software you can fix the registry to make your computer performance just like new computer.

Any error or corruption of registry files can cause crash of the system or halt the system from time to time. To avoid this at no cost, consider free registry fix. On installation of software all its setting files get stored in the hard disk. Through registry, one can also know about active hardware, and runtime performance.

Handle Registry Files With Care

The registry files are all based on the operating system for the windows on 32 bit or 64 bit versions. The files are stored in the hidden folder and cannot be accessed by every user. You should have an expert knowledge to access or make modifications in registry files even when you opt for free registry fix tool. Any wrong changes or modifications can result in malfunction of the operating system or the software related to it. It is thus, advisable for the users to take a backup of the registry file before making any modification or removing any registry files even through free registry fix, available online.

More About Registry

The registry contains basically values and keys. Whereas the registry keys can be compared to folders on the system and values are referred to as data pairs. One should clean the registry from any errors. In case a user does not have knowledge on registry, he can use software available for free registry fix and can easily improve the performance of the Windows operating systems. There are many softwares available that can help the users to drain away all infected files from the system or use freeware registry fix.

Unattended registry causes problems with Win32, or corrupts EXE files. So, users are advised to immediately clean registry either manually or with the help of online free registry fix to keep the computer running in a proper way. With number of online registry scan software tools a user can save great deal of time as well as money. These errors cause lot of problems and if not cleaned on time can even cause damage to the hardware of the computer. One can any time make use of free registry fix downloads to get rid of all these problems as the tool is available online, without any payments required.

To fix your registry for free you can use : 
1. CCleaner.
2. Advance System Care.  

Find and remove duplicate files on your PC - Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

After a while the memory plays tricks on you - have I seen that file I downloaded somewhere before? Where was the other copy? Is this the same file as the other, but with a different name?

There are many duplicate file finder utilities on the market, however there is a free one that seems to do the job well.

It uses MD5 hash checks to ensure the contents of the file is identical when comparing two files of the same size. This gives you a big sense of confidence that the file contents are actually identical so you can choose if you want to to delete one.

Beware of deleting files that are identical but required for correct system operation.

Most useful for duplicate video or music files found in various folders across multiple drives.

Program is free and there are regular updates to add functionality. No addon-ware, spyware, advertising or malware is bundled. Runs on Windows XP and up.

Robust, works well, and does what you need.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Popular tools for iPhone Application Development

In the technical age, everyone wants to design his own application. But it is tough to launch your application in market as you have to deal with programming language coding. Fortunately, here are some popular tools for iPhone Application Development. You can work with these tools without any knowledge of programming languages and complex code statements. Once you are ready with powerful iPhone application, you can submit it to the App Store. Let us have a look at the powerful tools –

Sweb Apps
You can work with this amazing tool even if you don't know how to code. You can access multiple templates that can be customized according to your requirement. You are free to use in-built graphic features offered by the company. You can also use Sweb Apps for creating and managing inventory store.ou can access multiple templates that can be customized according to your requirement. You are free to use in-built graphic features offered by the company. You can also use Sweb Apps for creating and managing inventory store.

Just imagine you have a great idea for new iPhone application but not the skills to implement it. With AppIncubator tool, you can submit your ideas to Company and Company will help you in making those ideas live. You can download this tool for free but you have to pay certain amount when your application goes live.

Kanchoo is the other powerful tool for quick iPhone Application Development. The tool is especially designed for news organization. Here you can upload your content and images that will be displayed at iTunes Application store. The images can be uploaded only in PNG format.

This is an amazing tool that offers App-Kits for building applications. The kit can be taken as predefined set of application settings that include gadgets, behavioral elements, and icons. The kit includes everything from real estate to restaurants. You can start building application and add or remove gadgets according to your requirement. Once you are ready with the application, you can publish it to the iTune Store.You can start building application and add or remove gadgets according to your requirement. Once you are ready with the application, you can publish it to the iTune Store.

If you want to sell your content then MyAppBuilder is an amazing tool for every individual. With the help of this amazing tool, you can convert your content into application. You can also create custom quizzes with MyAppBuilder. You can also search list of similar tools online.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

How To Fix Common Computer Problems

Every computer owner faces some computer problems during the lifetime of their computers. Usually these problems are very easy to solve using common sense. But sometimes more severe problems can occur and then it's important to learn more about the problem before trying to solve it. A large percentage of computer damages are caused by inexperience home computer owners that are trying to fix difficult problems without searching for proper facts on how to do it.

Many computer owners are complaining about the start up speed and other related speed problems. If the computer is running all day, a reboot will increase the speed a bit. You can also check the task manager and see how many processes that are running, if you have too many processes running at the same time it will definitely decrease your computer start up speed and overall performance. You can change the settings in software's and programs and make them not to start the same time the computer starts.

Antivirus programs can also make your computer slow. Search online for an anti-virus review and download the program with the best reviews. Turn off your internet connection before you uninstall your old anti-virus program and install the new one. Sometimes the anti-virus program is doing a system scan in the background and that will have an impact on your overall computer speed. You can turn off the background scan so it only scan your computer when you want.

If your computer behaves in a strange way such as program crashes and it restarts itself or the screen freezes randomly, you might have to clean the registry. There are many great free registry cleaners available online, just search for it. You also need to check if your programs are updated with the latest functions and if you need to replace, repair or update some drivers. An erratic computer is extremely irritating, so clean your system is important to prevent these problems from happening.

Make sure everything is alright with your hardware. If your processor is too hot, it can cause a lot of problems, such as sudden shut downs and reboots. A good idea is to have a proper CPU cooler, the standard cooler that you get when you buy the processor is not always enough to keep the heat down.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

iPhone and iPad application development in 2013?

The year 2013 has just started and there are very few people that can answer the question regarding the future of iPhone application development in 2013, but one thing is for sure that the start of this year has brought a lot of good news for developers. According to the numbers in the recent press release by the Cupertino company, there have been over 40 billion application downloads from the apple app store. This is a huge figure, but what makes it even more exciting is the fact that nearly half of those downloads happened in 2012.

With over 500 million active accounts, Apple's appstore has gone through leaps and bounds since 2008. This year has also brought some interesting figures showing that users are downloading a lot more applications than before. In the month of December alone there were nearly 2 billion downloads, which means nearly 750 application downloads every second, which is a staggering number. This is very good news for the iOS apps developers who have put a lot of efforts in creating an ecosystem of applications that are superior to all platforms in every single way.

With close to 775,000 applications in its ecosystem, apple surely has created an application market that has generated a lot of enthusiasm among developer community. What is more profound is the fact that even after so much speculation that android might overtake iOS in 2013 as far as number of applications are concerned, the development process of applications for the platform has not seen any decline. There are nearly 200,000 active publishers on the appstore who are bringing out jaw-dropping applications for iPhone, iPad as well as iPod touch users.

The most capitalizing thing about Apple has been its capability to monetize its applications better than any platform. The iOS app developer have been paid a mammoth 7 billion dollars by Apple. This means that Apple has generated over $ 10 billion from its app store. This is a huge figure considering that most of the 775,000 applications in the appstore are free. But many of them feature advertisements, that has generated a lot of revenue for Apple as well as its developers.

The biggest chunk of this revenue comes from the games in the game store. If we look at the top ten applications in the Appstore, eight of the top ten iPhone apps are games, while in the case of iPad the number is seven. This means that iOS users prefer to download more games than traditional apps. Apple has been a superior force in generating revenue from every aspect of its appstore. The in-app purchases have also seen a significant rise in recent years. It has been seen that people not only download paid apps from the app store, but also tend to purchase refills and extra features. More than two-thirds of the revenue generated from the appstore are coming through in-app purchases. This has ensured that the developers get paid for applications, and in turn create more intuitive experience for their users.

There is no doubt that Apple's App Store is the most profitable marketplace, with its closest rival generating just a fraction of what Apple pays to its developers. As far as 2013 is concerned, one cannot deny the fact that this trend will continue further, and Apple would be able to generate more revenue from app monetizing.

This will further encourage developers to prefer iOS over other platforms. Android might have a larger user base than iOS, but as far as developer community is concerned, iOS is apple of the eye for many.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Few Things People Should Know About the iPad

The Apple iPad has been launched with a lot of publicity and when it comes to it, it really has some good features to boast with. After refreshing the iPhone, Apple has taken the challenge of also renewing their iPad and so it came out that the latest iPad (available for $499 for the 16 GB model and $829 dollars for the 64 GB model) was the proud and successful successor of the original tablet that made such an impact in the gadget world.

As such, the new tablet was slimmer than the original, it was lighter when it comes to weight and on top of that, had some very nice curves that made it much more appealing. On top of that, there were also new features added like the FaceTime cameras, the gyroscope and the speed bumped chips. And for the first time, people will be let in on more options than ever before, like 3 different wireless versions and 2 different colors for the same 3 initial storage capacities. Yet when it comes to other features, they were left untouched or changed so little that the changes are not noticeable.


The new iPad is an iterative improvement over the 1st generation tablet. It is available in 2 color options, it has a reduced weight and under its hood, there is a lot of power for some of the most demanding applications today. Even though given the size of the iPad, it still manages to pack in brute force and paired by powerful integrated apps for video, photo playback, audio internet browsing, mapping and more, it's one of the few tablets on the market that offers the most bang for the buck.

Currently there are also more than 75,000 apps that take advantage of dual core processing which can only be good news for the iPad owners. The battery life is still almost the same, with the only difference that now people will also get between twenty and sixty minutes more battery life in certain situations.

The video output capabilities have also been improved and now there is a 1080p maximum output supported (when used with VGA & HDMI accessories) and also screen mirroring.


The cameras the Apple iPad was fitted with are not that good and the images produced will be very poor, especially when they will be forced to full screen. This makes still photography a very bad experience. Even though video can be filmed in 720p quality, the end result is only deemed to be acceptable at the most. There have also been downgrades noticed in what regards the microphone and the audio performance. Last but not least, HD videos are cropped to fit the 4:3 aspect ratio and people will also not be able to run Retina Display apps at full resolution.

Regardless of these issues, the Apple iPad is still a good choice and it offers plenty of performance for the dollar people pay for it. It's faster, more reliable, more optimized and ready to rumble in everything they will put it up to!

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to Uninstall Opera Completely

Basic information of Opera
Opera is a free browser. It supports multi-platform such as Mac and Windows. The software was first released in 1995. Then in following years it becomes one of the most famous browsers. It provides various useful functions like web sync, password management, mouse gestures, pop-up blocker and many other features. Highly customizable interface also performs as an advantage.
More details about Opera
Opera is a high-speed browser. Using cache behavior, its loading speed is rapid. Also it's multi-function but tiny. Besides webpage browsing, POP mail service, RSS browsing, text reading and miscellaneous plug-ins are achievable in the browser. Its flexibility also keeps a leading level. Many convenient features, such as it fits webpage width with your screen width to give a perfect browsing experience, are available. Because it's a closed source browser, you can trust its security as well. Periodic updates ensure excellent security. After serious errors occurred, temporary updates are soon achievable.
However, the browser has some weakness for sure. As mentioned above, it is not an open source browser, so it sacrifices parts of compatibility to gain security. Some webpages are not well supported by the browser which means users are unable to access these websites. Also you need some knowledge about coding to customize the browser to a satisfying level instead of just few guided steps on other browsers. Having no support to ActiveX widget is the most critical disadvantage. That means features like video and web bank will be disabled.
Strengths and weaknesses of Opera
Rapid loading
Top-level security
Low compatibility
Complex customization
Lack of widget support
So if you don't feel good about the software, uninstall it as a solution.
How to remove Opera
Supposing that you have decided to uninstall Opera, there are three ways for you to finish it. Two of them are manual methods and another one is auto one. Choose the one you are able to understand and handle to uninstall it.

The first one is the most common one: using Windows add/remove programs. Follow the steps below to finish a remove:

Step 1: Click "Start", open "control panel"
Step 2: Open "add/remove programs", find it in the list
Step 3: Click "remove" to uninstall it
The way is really easy but sometimes doesn't work. If so, you can do this manual way:
Step 1: Locate its folder (e.g. E:Program Files Opera), remove the folder
Step 2: Open registry edit tool, find path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-SOFTWARE-Opera, remove all keys and values in the folder
Step 3: Search all disk for it, and remove result files

In this way the browser won't stay in your PC. However, if that you think this way too complex and hard to do, use an uninstaller. Remove with uninstaller is the third way, which is the automatic one. Download Opera uninstaller, launch it and find the browser in the list, click "remove" to finish a complete uninstall.
In this text we discussed configuration and (dis)advantages of the browser. Also you now know some uninstall guides as solution. Hope this article helped you, good luck.

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