Thursday, February 14, 2013

Shadowgun-Deadzone Amazing FPS Online Game

Would you play games by Madfingers Games? I would say exactly Yes! They have developed the exactly games for mobile game user this recent years. Back to 2 years the Samurai Vengeance really has caught my attention. And this time they brought us the ShadowGun : Deadzone that you can play online with user around the world. The game has most gorgeous graphic I've seen in iPhone and iPad.


I give the gameplay value of 4 and not 5 because even though this game is solid in all sectors but only 2 game modes and there are quite mind blowing and innovative.

This game plays at device at least 512 Mb of RAM. You can choose to play the death match mode or zone control mode. This is must play game.

However SHADOWGUN: DEADZONE is worthy of the best free SMT game of the year!

You can get Shadowgun : Deadzone for free at AppStore or Google Play.

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